Top Reasons to Ride the No Baloney

There are many reasons to ride the No Baloney.  Here are a few of our favorites –

  1. Burn calories while enjoying great scenery.  Routes are well marked so you can focus on your surroundings!
  2. Meet new people who have similar interests.  Start at the official start time for your route to meet other who are planning to go the same distance.
  3. Cycling isn’t hard on the knees like other types of exercise.
  4. The sense of freedom and power is just as exhilarating as ever.  Watching the trees roll by… riding up and down hills… all from the power of your own two legs!
  5. Have you ever seen anybody jogging with a smile on their face?  You can smile while riding, though you might catch a few bugs too.
  6. You look good in Lycra®, so why not show off to everyone?
  7. You provide the energy, we provide the fuel.  
  8. Funds from the No Baloney are used to promote cycling advocacy locally and nationally.
  9. Rest stops are never more than 20 miles apart and SAG support is only a phone call away.
  10. We love cycling and design our ride so that you will have a great experience!